From Rails to Ruby

So I got through the first 2 sections of ‘Agile Web Development with Rails’, you can see my progress on Github at I started reading ‘Learn to Program’ by Chris Pine. A couple years back I got this book and went through the first 90 or so pages in a day or two, then I got to a point where they want you to build your own sorting method for arrays as opposed to using the simple array.sort

View my code at

It took me a little bit to find it, I searched all through and couldn’t find anything that would let me find the least value’d or most valued object inside an array. I searched just that and found the .min and .max feature which just made it all come together so easily after that.

This ruby book is relatively easy, the examples just take a problem solving mind that can wrap around the issue and a little bit of research through the documentation. I’m sure that .min is somewhere in the documentation, I just didn’t see it there. Last time I read ‘Learn to Program’ I got stuck and gave up. This time around I’m pushing through all things that seem difficult. No rails, ruby, javascript, jquery, or git are going to conquer me, maybe for a little bit, but in the end I will figure it out.


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