I finished “Learn to Program”

So as the title states. I finished “Learn to Program” by Chris Pine and I will write a view on the book some time in the near future. For now I’ll give you an idea of what kind of site I’m going to build in order to push and challenge myself.

Name: Rooster
Details: Rooster is a roster site designed for RTS, MMO, Shooters, and really any game that has a group of players that get together and associate themselves under a common alias. The name isn’t concrete, but the idea is.

  • The site will have a home page with a sign in/up and a navigation that will have a list of game types(MMO, RTS, etc.) once clicked you will see a list of games within that type
  • once a specific game is clicked all clans within that game will show. On all the types, games, and clans you will be able to view a forum.
  • Within each clan page you will be able to see the roster.
  • If you are a member of a clan page you will be able to edit your profile, view the roster, view a home page feed, and clan rules and responsibilities.
  • As an admin you will be able to edit what fields will be displayed within your roster, edit the fields within your roster, edit individual profile pages, post new feeds on main clan page, edit or delete old ones. edit rules and responsibility page.

I’m sure this is an odd way of explaining the use of my site. I hope you get the point. If you don’t get the point, you will most certainly understand it after I’ve completed the site. Check out my progress at github.

Thanks to those of you that have viewed my blog and started following me. If anyone has any questions for me I’m always happy to try to help. I’m no expert but I firmly believe that a person cannot improve his/her skills without crossing that line of comfort.


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