Chris Pine’s “Learn to Program” review

It’s a little over due and I’ve gotten a couple other books I’ve read since then, but I will try my best to recall my experiences with this book.


First off, I wasn’t a total noob to Ruby before starting this book. I’d read why’s poignant guide and I’d also done the work alongs. Chris Pine has a silly sense of humor that helps make light of this daunting task that all programmers go through. There is a line in my programming career that I crossed while reading this book that make me realize how programmers think. In the simplest way to explain it, breaking complex problems down to their simplest form. Chris makes you build your own .sort and .shuffle. In order to make this happen I had to look through a lot of documentation and that in itself really helped me learn some new words in the ruby language. I highly recommend this book. The author is fun to listen to, the material is well structured, and the examples are challenging enough to make you feel like a real programmer but not so challenging that you will give up. 

Side note: There will be times these examples make you want to call this whole programming thing quits. “It’s not for me, this is too hard”. Remember, programming is always hard, no matter what you experience level is. If it isn’t hard then you aren’t challenging yourself. and if you aren’t challenging yourself, then programming itself will speed right passed you. In conclusion: don’t give up and if you have no hair left on your head, step back and do something you enjoy with programming.


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