Progress report – day 41

So I officially started working every day starting somewhere between 01-07 May 2013. Not exactly sure, I didn’t start tracking what I was working on and when I was working on it till May 25th. Either way, as of today I’m 41 days into my full immersion coding journey. 

So far,

  • I’ve read through and completed 15+ code examples from “Learn to Program”(Ruby).
  • I’ve read through most of “Agile Web Development with Rails”
  • I’ve watched multiple rails-casts, and read a ton of rails and ruby documentation.
  • I went through CodeSchools ‘responsive design’ course and both rails courses.
  • I’ve started my first Rails app a week ago that has the index page completed(need to add search field).
  • I’m side tracking into Javascript. I’ve read about 200 pages of Javascript: the Definitive Guide.


My current plans are to continue working on my rails app. I still have a ton too add to it. Everything I have done and need to do has been written down and organized in order to keep me chompin’ at it bit by bit. In the mean time I’ve been working on Javascript. I’ve been following this blog, which is very well written in my opinion. After a couple more chapters I’ll be writing a dynamic quiz with html, css, and javascript.

Within the next month I’ll be (hopefully) starting a Mobile and Web Developers certificate course through CSU. So on that note I’ve been working more in the Javascript direction(this course will be including ‘PHP’ and ‘SQL’) I’ll be glad to have exposed myself to these languages, especially SQL. With rails you don’t have to write SQL but I’d love to be able to use it in Rails Console. 


I’ll write another progress report in a month or two. I’d love to have both projects done by then. My goal is to have a job before the end of the year. It might be a little ambitious, but I’m dedicated. If I can promise one thing it is that I will continue excelling up to that date and beyond.

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