Progress Report Day 75

Today was my day off. I honestly didn’t even enjoy it. I’m so dedicated to learning standard based modern web dev that I’m realizing it truly is a passion and hobby of mine. I wouldn’t think about it on my day off and wish I were staring at the very screen I write this post on. The more I learn the more I want to learn. 

So 75 days of studying as much as possible. So I started tracking my time 49 days ago on the 27th of may and I’ve logged 174hr 32min. Comes to an average of 213.714 min/day, or 1495.998 min/week or 24.933 hrs/week. That’s not bad. Some days are better than others. 

Since I last posted I was taking a break from Rails to brush up on some Javascript. And brush up I did. I highly recommend the JavaScript bible(JavaScript: The Definitive Guide). That book is meant to be read slowly, At the end of it I learned a lot. I went through Richard Bovell’s learn javascript properly blog which is a sort of road map to learn javascript with the aforementioned book. Using that book along side the vast information the internet has to offer, stackoverflow especially, I’ve upped myself in the field of front-end dev a good amount.

Here is a list of before and after knowledge:

prior knowledge: .stop()  .css()  .show()  .hide()  .append()  .prepend() 

gained knowledge: .animate(), .getJSON(), .fadeIn(), .fadeOut(), .html(), .clear(), $(‘input :checked’), .children(), .on(), $.each(), .not(), arguments[], JavaScript Objects, 2dArrays,  JavaScript events, jQuery events, cookies, handlebars.js syntax, handlebars.js helpers, twitter bootstrap, javascript variable scope, and a firmer grasp on how to better implement javascript functions in general.

All of this can be seen in great detail at JavaScript Quiz Repository. Or you can just use the demo app.

Also, I forked on a little change to get my own site up. Check it out, I took a day or two to design, create images, and code up my portfolio site. It is still in beta, but basically done so I use it for job applications anyway.

My end goal is to have a job as a junior web developer before the snow starts falling here. Which is usually as early as October 1st, but not to the point of annoyance until early to mid November. If I don’t, I’m confident I’ll have something before winter ends. God clearly has plans for me here if I’m still here during winter though. 


So the main goal for the month(s) ahead is Rails. Specifically rails testing with rspec and cucumber starting tomorrow morning. After that I will implement some features with Devise gem and then just some plain ol’ spiffy rails. If it all gets to overwhelming I’m sure I will spend a moment or two on my portfolio or my quiz. The portfolio has some UX/UI things I need to fix as well as implementing a contact me modal. The Quiz has a few UX issues I’d like to fix and I’m definitely going to change the questions and answers. 


Until then, thanks for following. If your not following, feel free. If you have questions I’m always happy to answer them.More importantly, If you have suggestions, I love hearing others, just make sure you explain your reasoning.


Until next time,



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