Code School Prep Work

Last you heard I had a job interview and the first of two coding challenges at app academy. 

It’s been a little over a week now, and since then I haven’t heard back from Varsity Tutors… a little bummed, not super surprised. That is really far in the back of my head though. The main thing I’ve been shooting for is getting into App Academy. They are the cheapest option and they have a very successful outline(plus you can sleep at the building if you really had to)

I did my second coding challenge. I studied the recommended readings for about a day and a half, like the first time. and decided to just jump into it since I did so exceptional last time. This time you have 4 problems to answer in an hour. So you still have the same average time limit. I couldn’t have done worse. I finished 1.5 questions in the hour and commented what I wanted to do with the rest of the second question before submitting. I have this deep sense I’m going to get into one of these immersive programs, call it intuition, God, or what ever you want. But this has given me peace with my whole situation. So I was bummed that I did Terrible(note the capital “t”), but not discouraged. I figured well, it isn’t over until they say I’m not accepted, and they haven’t said that yet, plus! I have dev bootcamp and hack reactor to apply to if app academy says nay. 

The next day I got an email from Kush letting me know that they are still interested in following up with me, they just wanted me to finish some of the same readings and homework their accepted students are required to complete. 

That curriculum is on GitHub here.

Now that that is submitted I am waiting to here back from them. But in terms of learning. That prep work really showed me a lot. I truly enjoyed learning from multiple sources in such a short period of time. You get more out of things when you get to look at it from multiple angles. 

Until next time friends. Thanks for following, or subscribing. Whatever wordpress uses 😀 


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