I didn’t get into app academy

So I didn’t get into app academy. I was a little bummed, but obviously that was the school for me. I know I will get into the school that best suits me. I set up a skype interview with dev bootcamp for august 27th and am waiting to hear back from hack reactor. Also I found a school in Portland that looks promising. The more I look into each of those three schools the more I can’t figure out which I like more. Before I was least pleased with hack reactor because it doesn’t really teach ruby, although, the more I think about it, I want to learn node.js and ruby in the long run, and I think they teach a lil ruby, that I’m not sure about. Either way I’m coming to realize the language is far less important the the experience and the way they teach you to learn new tech quickly. 

In the last week I learned a ton about array and string manipulation, a lil about regexp’s, and also I got much better understanding of OOP. 

Between now and aug 27th I need to pick up some extra curricular activities other than just coding all day, I’ve come to realize my coding dedication has turned me into quite the bore. Portland’s Code School wants a video of me being awesome. Recently the awesome things I do are being a dad and learn code. 

So today I decided to start teaching my daughter ASL slowly and teach myself more quickly. Today I learned the alphabet and the words “milk”, “food”, “tired”, “mom”, “dad”, “grandma”, and “grandpa”,

This learning a new actual language is really teaching me a lot about learning tech languages. You need to repeat repeat repeat. Also learn a little and use it a lot, then learn a little and use it a lot. 

So in the next few weeks I’m going to be doing Project Euler a lot and learn ASL. If you want to follow me on their, here is my friend code: 81917382509532_114d498db359e661e8976f908d59984b

Until next time fellows, keep learning, be interesting, and love our craft.

Danny Sperry


One thought on “I didn’t get into app academy

  1. Hi Danny! It’s awesome that you’re working on becoming a developer. I totally agree with you which languages and frameworks you learn are much less important than the broader programming skills. I actually teach at another code school, Epicodus (www.epicodus.com), and I’ve started teaching JavaScript AND Ruby, because I think learning two languages right off the bat is really helpful for thinking like a programmer (rather than like a Rubyist or JavaScripter).

    And about ASL – one of my favorite tech talks was from someone who majored in Japanese and how he realized coding was just like learning another language 😉

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