Waiting till the 27th for my interview with both dev bootcamp and hack reactor. The more I think about it the more I want to get into hack reactor. I just have this urge to learn node.js, my mentor is a rails advocate and is all about rails, but something inside me tells me node.js is got it’s own special place in the future. Plus HR teaches a little bit about RoR.

Project Euler has been pretty good. I’m stuck on number 12 right now. The coding part isn’t hard on PE, its getting a efficient algorithm coded that really messes with you. For example, the third problem wanted the factorials of 600,851,475,143. My original calculation would have completed that in 3 years(not kidding). I refactored the code to:

remainder = self
answer = []
(2..(Math.sqrt(remainder))).to_a.reverse.each do |x|
if remainder % x == 0 &&
answer << x
remainder /= x

This completed the calculation in 0.2s, That right there showed me that what I was doing was something big towards my future in programming. This is the first time I felt like the non-sense people talk about learning during CS degrees does come in handy once the basics are learned. Algorithms are no joke people! :D.

On the ASL side of things, This week I learned the words father, grandfather, mother, grandmother, daughter, son, church, earth, sky, aunt, uncle, eat, milk, love, and sorry. plus A-Z.

Also, I checked my typing speed and it is 90 AWPM. My typing speed with coding is sad though. only 30 AWPM :/. So in the weeks to come I’m working on Project Euler algorithms with Ruby, and I’m just engraving JavaScript basics like common array and string methods, as well as syntax so that I can have a leg up in my HR interview in a couple weeks.

Also, is mostly finished with a few bugs and my quiz is updated with new questions a little more functionality.

I’ll keep ya’ll posted


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