Learning Path plan/idea

So I have a plan, but I can’t accomplish this plan on my own. I’ve been looking at in-class short-term developer schools like dev bootcamp, hack reactor, Epicodus, and schools alike. I haven’t been just looking, I’ve read just about every quora.com post on every school in the U.S. and I’ve concluding some similarities between them all.

They all put extremely motivated, dedicated individuals in the same place in a pair programming environment and teach very similar coursework. The only major difference between them is they have different teachers in a different building. My proposition is to find a candidate that has a similar schedule as me, and is looking to follow the same curriculum Epicodus uses for the first 3-4 weeks. This curriculum teaches Programming basics like TDD, OOD, and working with API’s. It also goes into HTML/CSS basics, JavaScript ,  and jQuery. The curriculum can be found at www.learnhowtoprogram.com

His school, like many of the others, goes on to teach Ruby, Rails, Backbone||Ember, and git. I’ve requested more curriculum from him in these areas of study, and even If he is not willing to provide resources, I am confident there are a multitude of great resources available in terms of beginner curriculum in those areas of study.

Here is my summarized plan in steps:

-Find a dedicated individual with a similar schedule and like mind to do 20-40hrs/wks of remote pair programming along side a google hangouts or Skype session.

Week 1-4 : follow the same curriculum Epicodus students go through, provided on www.learnhowtoprogram.com/

Week 5-8 : If Michael at Epicodus provides additional course curriculum, we will follow that,(update: Michael has stated he plans to update his course work fairly often so that individuals like me who want to learn, can do so. |http://qr.ae/IimuX|), Otherwise we will go through various popular resources like Chris Pines learn to program, http://ruby.railstutorial.org/ by Michael Hartl, RailsCasts, and a couple popular books on Rails. I will layout a curriculum that is 20% reading 80% actual coding(together remotely).

– week 9-12ish : each of us will have our own project we want to build, something challenging, but not over the top, takes a team of developers and a whole year to complete type of challenging. We will work on each others projects together, switching back and forth, each day.

If working together in a remote environment consistently on a mutual schedule under the provided curriculum sounds like an awesome idea to you, then I ask, Please contact me. I will be going through a sort of application process to make sure we are both a good match for each other. I’ll be checking to make sure you and I can get along, you can commit to the time, and that you are passionate about learning the discussed web technologies.

Contact me @ danny.sperry@gmail.com


One thought on “Learning Path plan/idea

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    All the best with your journey.

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