Can’t wait to progress

This last month has been great and not so great when I look back on it. I’ve been just crunching on the basics. I didn’t really improve my rails, or my javascript(kind of). Really I just didn’t learn new things. 

Instead I’ve been nailing down simple string and array manipulation, getting a lot faster at solving problems, and have the common methods stuck in my head, I’ve touched a little on new things like API’s, underscore.js(thanks to JavaScript koans), and I have a free month of CodeSchool thanks to New Relic so I’ve been reviewing classes on there. I’m really just trying to get as fast as possible with beginner problems in order to do well in my Hack Reactor and Dev Bootcamp Interview. In the last week it’s been getting old though. I want to finish This is why I feel like its just been bad.

My mentor has been busy working a lot this last month, and I got a chance to chat with him the other day and update him on what I’ve been doing and he put it this way

    “you seem to be doing a lot of hand-holding type stuff

        books, tutorials, guides

        that’s fine. but that’s not how you learn to write code”

And that’s how I’ve been feeling. As great as this last month was in helping me think logically and help me solve simple basic problems fast, I’m ready for the real challenging stuff with new information constantly being forced through my brain.

If any of you are on a similar learning path with similar “self taught programmer” goals, maybe you’ve heard of Joshua Kemp. He has a very extensive blog about his journey. Also after 9 months averaging 21hrs/wk he got a great job. Awesome success story. Check him out at

His blog kind of inspired me to do mine. After revisiting his blog it made me realize I don’t post enough. I’ll try to get my brain on this site more for you all.

Wish me luck on my interviews.


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