Hack Reactor Interview #2

Hi guys,

2 days ago I had my first interview with hack reactor and dev bootcamp. That night I got an email from dev bootcamp telling me I got accepted. This took me by surprise. So I need to pay a 1000 deposit within the week and come up with 11000 sometime around feb ’14(60 days before next class starts). This is barely doable, I’m getting the 1000 together but still working hard on my other schools.

The learning involved in preparing for these schools has helped me nail down basics to a degree far better than code school, codecademy and books have given me. I had my second interview today with Shawn Drost. The interview was set up in a way similar to as if it were the first 30 minutes of the first day. He was working with me to see if I understood exactly WHAT each function was doing, what it was or was not returning. WHY it was doing it. At the end of it he asked me to just work on coderbyte problems. He said I have the syntax down, I just need to work my understanding, break everything down into little steps and really understand what the computer is doing when you tell it what to do.

I have one thing to say about hack reactor. They LOVE teaching. Money aside, I want to go to this school do to the fact that it is a school that loves teaching, not just making money. I’ve got an interview with Code Fellows in Seattle. If I can get into their gold program and completely skip the first half, then I absolutely will(4 wks/ $5000/ guarantee of job). I’m going to brush up on all my rails knowledge in prep for that interview. After that interview I will be working on coderbyte problems for the next week and I’ll set up another interview. 

A lot has gone on this week and a lot will continue to go on next week. I’ll keep you guys up to date. 




Today was great, I love talking to like minded tech people. My wife is a make up artist and my baby is 9 months old. So I hear a lot about lip gloss, lip stick, lip tar, lip stain, kabuki brush, and contouring as well as lots of dadadadada’s and oooooo’s. These are all very interesting and I love hearing them all, but talking to someone about programming and problem solving is a bit more engaging :D. 

My first interview was at 10:45 with Hack Reactor. It was with a HR alumni who is now in a continuation/TA type program. He set up a collabedit.com session and had me solve 3 very basic problems with javascript. We spoke a bit about programming and different technology things after the interview. We spoke for about 50 minutes, I’d say the interview part was only about 20 minutes though. He said the next step would be to have me complete a project(which Marcus Phillips already challenged me with 2 weeks before). I informed him I’ve solved that twice now, the first time I cheated after getting stuck for to long and found the answer online(its no longer online after I informed marcus I cheated). A week later after forgetting everything I “learned” while cheating, I solved it again and gained a lot more knowledge out of it. I’m rambling…. So we decided to skip the project and move onto scheduling my next interview. “We have a slot available tomorrow”, no can do, gotta go to Reno with the family, “day after that?”, absolutely! I’ll be reviewing that project I built and some js syntax tonight and tomorrow night and then I’ll provide a new post.

Dev bootcamp was great to, I spoke with Karim and he was easy to talk to. He had me solve a puzzle, this was not a programming puzzle, this was just to see how I solve problems. I tried to talk out loud as much as possible and was afraid to lean on his guidance. This may or may not have been a good thing. He wasn’t going to tell me what to do or how to solve it after all. I didn’t solve it, we moved onto code samples. I did fine on the code samples. After finishing up I concluding he was multitasking. This lead to him be a little distracted during our interview. He was a very cool and polite person, though I do have a history with customer service and found the distraction to be a bit impolite. He finished up by asking if I had any further questions and informed me I would be contacted within 12 hours. 12 seems like a weird number and now I’m assuming he said 24, but I’m pretty sure I heard 12 😀


All in all, I enjoyed the interview, tomorrow is a day off(mostly, I’m still going to review my project code for the HR interview). I’ll update you all after my interview on thursday. 

Happy Coding!