The Rails 4 Way

I just bought the Rails 4 way beta on leanpubs. The book is in beta and said to be about 75% complete.  I’m going to work through this book in a non chronological order that suits my prior knowledge of Rails itself.

At this point in time my knowledge of Rails is limited. I’m aware of how to create a rails application. I’m know that generating a scaffold will create a model, a controller with all the CRUD you can ask for, and a view. Scaffolds also create your schema and test folders. I have almost no knowledge of testing. I know about the word assert. I know about devise(the user authentication gem). This is the extent of my rails knowledge. I’ve read Learn Agile Web Development with Rails and built

With my previous knowledge I’ve went over the chapters and decided to read them in an order than I can work off of best. I’m going to read then in this order because for a couple reasons. The first being that simply brushing up on testing is important to me, testing, then I’d like a refresher in HAML, SASS, and CoffeeScript, followed by perusing the chapters about security, sessions and authorization, and the basics of the Rails architecture.

I’ll be applying all of this into my own application sometime during or directly after reading about the rails architecture. From there, In my spare time I will continue reading the more foreign(to me) chapters of this book that aren’t immediately necessary to understand in order to get up and running. I’m definitely not counting them as unimportant. I just don’t want to clog my brain or waste my time with things that I won’t be implementing at that time. When I need to implement them I will be reading about them very carefully.

If you’re new to Rails I would suggest reading chapters 1-10 first then following my guide in the order I’ve selected.

Danny’s Rails 4 way reading guide – 27, 22-24, 15, 13-14, 1-10||, 12, 20, 17, 26, 11, 18-19, 25, 16