Hack Reactor Interview #2

Hi guys,

2 days ago I had my first interview with hack reactor and dev bootcamp. That night I got an email from dev bootcamp telling me I got accepted. This took me by surprise. So I need to pay a 1000 deposit within the week and come up with 11000 sometime around feb ’14(60 days before next class starts). This is barely doable, I’m getting the 1000 together but still working hard on my other schools.

The learning involved in preparing for these schools has helped me nail down basics to a degree far better than code school, codecademy and books have given me. I had my second interview today with Shawn Drost. The interview was set up in a way similar to as if it were the first 30 minutes of the first day. He was working with me to see if I understood exactly WHAT each function was doing, what it was or was not returning. WHY it was doing it. At the end of it he asked me to just work on coderbyte problems. He said I have the syntax down, I just need to work my understanding, break everything down into little steps and really understand what the computer is doing when you tell it what to do.

I have one thing to say about hack reactor. They LOVE teaching. Money aside, I want to go to this school do to the fact that it is a school that loves teaching, not just making money. I’ve got an interview with Code Fellows in Seattle. If I can get into their gold program and completely skip the first half, then I absolutely will(4 wks/ $5000/ guarantee of job). I’m going to brush up on all my rails knowledge in prep for that interview. After that interview I will be working on coderbyte problems for the next week and I’ll set up another interview. 

A lot has gone on this week and a lot will continue to go on next week. I’ll keep you guys up to date.